The Healthy Home Book Tour

desk with books for signing

I was so excited to go to New York City to see Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz talk about The Healthy Home book. I drove from a Washington, D.C., suburb through New Jersey, my home state until age 18. The drive into the city is one I love, despite the traffic, and one I have probably taken over a thousand times. The drive culminates in an awe-inspiring view of New York City, which you see as you try to navigate a wicked curve in the road right before the toll for the Lincoln Tunnel.

It’s rare when there’s no traffic going into the city, and there was no traffic that day. I was exhilarated looking at the skyline, while driving as fast as I could on that huge curve, dodging the buses and limos. But that day, the thrill for me was also knowing that somewhere in that spectacular city Dr. Wentz and Dave were getting ready to share The Healthy Home and USANA with New Yorkers. Dave had rung the opening bell at the NY Stock Exchange a few hours earlier. Even though I haven’t lived in the area for years, I still believe that when you make it there, you have made it everywhere!

The icing on the cake was that The Healthy Home book tour was stopping at Lincoln Center, an iconic New York location. Years ago, I lived three blocks from Lincoln Center and walked past it daily. (I was also excited that a fellow member of Team Northrup had the clout to arrange for the Wentz’s to speak at Lincoln Center.) As I approached Alice Tully Hall, it felt like I was both coming home and going to see the start of something big—and lucky enough to know at the time.

I had seen Dave Wentz speak on The Healthy Home in Arlington, Virginia, in a low-key presentation given to about 75 people. The lecture gave me that good feeling about USANA, which I have experienced many times in the past seven years. I was moved to hear Dave say that he thought about never having a family because of the health dangers his children would face in today’s world. I knew he cared; that he was passionate about sharing the important contents of The Healthy Home book as well as USANA’s mission.

I was looking forward to the Wentz team and a little bit of New York sparkle and sophistication, especially in that setting. (I have fond memories of seeing the Nutcracker there with my mother as a child.) I wasn’t disappointed. The evening was filled with great information, funny videos, and entertaining demonstrations. For example, Dr. Wentz used a Gauss meter to show how much electro-magnetic energy is generated by the items on a typical nightstand. I loved the set (stage), which cleverly mirrored the illustrated pages in The Healthy Home book. I also enjoyed playing with the polling remote controls. The audience members used them to respond to questions, and the results were displayed instantly on a large screen for all to ponder.

But those aren’t the things I’m going to remember in years to come. I’m going to remember the camaraderie between Dr. Wentz and Dave, the playful teasing. This father-son team shares true affection for one another. I will also remember Dr. Wentz absorbed in his own thoughts, while contemplating the human cell. Dave joked, “This could take a while,” and Dr. Wentz seemed not to hear him. Dr. Wentz is a scientist of the highest order, who is compelled to bring his knowledge of health and wonder of the human body to hundreds of thousands of people.

More than anything, I will remember Dr. Wentz pausing to look at Dave’s two children, his grandchildren. When he said, “Now there is a real miracle,” while gazing at those beautiful children, I got the chills briefly. I was so grateful that I was able to see that moment of awe and humility.

I feel so lucky to be a part of USANA. The people at the helm are warm, real, and trustworthy people with the confidence and conviction to share their vision. In a time when so much is wrong, including economic hardships, catastrophic natural disasters, and wars, it’s good to know that I am part of something that is profoundly right. I am part of USANA.

So to Dr. Wentz and Dave, thanks for all you do … and for the fantastic, inspiring book tour.