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I have had the pleasure of working with Judie Harvey for many years. Her writing and editorial skills are exceptional. I highly recommend her work.

Judie Harvey flawlessly takes in the goals of the author and helps organize sentences, paragraphs, and stories to achieve those goals. She sees the trees through forest and is invaluable in the organization of the elements that must come together to create cohesive ideas. She worked quickly and without ego, easily adopting the tone and intent of our book. Judie is a great teacher and perhaps the best thing I took away from her is my increased ability to cluster ideas together and keep my writing organized.

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I worked closely with Judie on "We Do", and I felt in very good hands. She’s friendly, professional, and highly collaborative. I would work again with her in a heartbeat.

I absolutely loved working with Judie from start to finish. Not only is she extremely professional, she is also efficient, timely and has a keen eye for detail. She's creative, has great ideas, and is very friendly and pleasant to work with. She makes you feel comfortable right away. I would highly recommend her!

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Judie Harvey is an amazing editor. She makes suggestions that are not only technically correct, but also stylistically perfect. Her ability to explain why these changes will improve the product are clear and concise, and often left me wondering why I hadn’t done it that way to begin with! She has a unique ability to see right to the heart of any contextual error, which as an author, I envy. Any writer will benefit from Judie’s professionalism and expertise.

As a marketing specialist, I have had the pleasure of working with Judie on several projects, from writing compelling web content to collaborating on successful book launches. Both passionate and creative, Judie truly has a gift in developing marketing strategies and creating valuable content that reaches out and encourages the audience to engage in meaningful ways. She possesses a unique and effective ability to enhance the relationship between author and audience, and her skills and dedication are a true asset to anyone seeking to create or strengthen the connection with their audience.

Working with Judie is a wonderful experience. Not only is her writing outstanding, she’s dependable and a lot of fun. She’s just the best!

Thanks for helping me learn about “having each other’s backs” in the editing process. I loved it, loved the safety I felt while working with you and the trust and freedom. It was so great that you put that out there so early in the process.